Privacy Notice

We are the Committee of St Martin's Guild of St Martin's Church East Woodhay.

We keep two lists of email addresses:

  • those who have subscribed to our blog.
  • those who have subscribed to get notices about garden tours in East Woodhay.

We keep the address list in MailChimp. Addresses stay on the list until the owner unsubscribes or lets me know they want to be removed. We delete unsubscribed addresses within a week.

We collect the names, addresses and contact details of those who wish to attend our garden tours. We use this information to create lists of those attending the tours to allow us to control the numbers of people attending the tours and to seek payment from them. After the tours, we transfer the email addresses of those who have asked us, to our mailing lists and then delete the information. We collect and keep the information using a secure web service to which only two people have access.

We don’t use the infomation for any other purpose and won’t provide them to anyone else.

We retain no other personal information.