10 Fete Facts

Lady Carden of Stargrove was President of the Guild for 61 years, from 1912 to 1973.

There have only been 7 Chairmen, 10 Secretaries, 9 Treasurers and 7 Rectors.

The longest serving Chairman was Mrs Turner of Malverleys, who did 25 years, from 1948 to 1973.

Miss Irene Gordon, known as ‘Gordy’ was Secretary for 29 years.

The Guild paid for the replacement of the iron frames with stone mullions in 5 of the church windows from 1931 – 1935 at a cost of £52.10s each, equivalent to approx £2,500 each today.

Approximately one third of our donations since 1931 have been to village organizations.

The total monies donated since 1908, at today’s value is over £500,000.

The Guild’s donations paid for one quarter of East Woodhay Village Hall.

A maypole cost £5.00 in 1953 – approx. £96 at today’s value.

There was no electric lighting in the church until 1939, at a total cost of £110 – equivalent to approx £4,600 at today’s value.